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Sharepoint is far too complex for most small and mid sized customers. Along with the complexity the cost could also become really high and it also requires expensive hardware, multiple SharePoint Server licenses, and "SharePoint experts" to install and maintain it. SharePoint was built for large enterprises with thousands of employees and mega IT budgets.

"SharePoint 2010 may be overkill for some", says a recent Forrester study. 


SharePoint is on premise software. Since you need to set up servers in-house, SharePoint total cost of ownership (TCO) is actually much higher than SharePoint license costs, since you also have to pay for hardware, maintenance, antivirus, back, and IT staff.

Collabloop acts as a complete low cost Sharepoint Alternative and offers several low cost  advantages. Collabloop requires no expensive consultants, hardware's to set up or manage and is available through internet anytime and from anywhere in the world. SharePoint on the other hand needs "highly trained consultants, administrators, and technical support staff to deploy and run it, which all add to the total cost of ownership. A 2008 Forrester study found that "SharePoint is a pure Microsoft server stack that closes off any opportunities to substitute third-party databases, Web servers, and other products for Microsoft components".

Several benefits of Collabloop include:

- Zero Setup & Operational Costs- Companies can simply create an online account and access their information 24x7 from anywhere in the world without incurring any expenses and bother of setting up servers and hardware.

- Out of box solution - No setups means "out-of-the-box" functionality. Simply have your users create logins and you are ready to use the features. Collabloop can be used as a intranet, portal, document sharing, document collaboration and project management solution.

- Security - Collabloop is available under full https and secure access mode allowing you access to information under encrypted mode.

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