Manage tasks and milestone & track against time

Collabloop Project Management solution comes with an online task management module to help you to effectively track key milestones, set dependencies and tasks to be accomplished for a productive work.

Collabloop task management software offers an easy way to assign responsibility, create tasks, set deadlines on tasks and get things done effectively. Making task lists and adding new task items just takes seconds. The task management software allows  you to create, edit and order tasks and even assign them to external users, customers or partners. You can attach documents or discussion forums with the task or add new comments directly related to tasks.

Some of the features of Collabloop online task management software include:

- Effectively manage your tasks & milestones in the project - Define project goals, milestones and key performance indicators. Prioritize & order tasks and specify due dates
- Built in communication tools - Interact with team & members through an easy to use interface. Discussion forums, real time chat allow idea sharing and getting things done.
- Calendar sharing - Shared project calendars allows members to see what others are doing and schedule meetings easily.
- Project Scheduling - Create deadlines and set project milestones with assigned members

Collabloop makes managing tasks a snap and stress free. Collabloop task management is an online solution for managing projects, tracking milestones, tasks, their dependencies and mapping them to time and works with the
Project management Software to allow planning and managing resources to enable successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. 

Collabloop online task management solution comes with a complete Task Management module along with time tracking, document management, document sharing and document collaboration modules.

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