Secure Document Collaboration for legal firms

Collabloop's collaboration solution enables law firms to improve efficiency, reduce costs and strengthen client relationships

Secure Document Review

Collabloop's document co-authoring and review solution enables law firms to perform a secure multi-party review and capture and share knowledge in one platform. As you prepare for a case, the last thing you need is a complex and lengthy process for preparing your documents. Collabloop's solution enables you to invite users to your documents from anywhere in world and work through different timezones with ease. You can set permissions on document for different users and even enable sub-reviews with multiple users. Users can all co-author the document and review different sections within document at same time. Collabloop's comprehensive audit trail and reporting capabilities along with track changes and comment resolution make it efficient to commplete the review process quickly.

File Sharing & Sync

Share files of any type and size, from your computer or the cloud. Send large or sensitive files securely without email size limits restricting you. You can share files inside and outside your company. You always control access. Quickly and securely share large or sensitive files with internal and external users anywhere in the world. Spend your time sealing the deal instead of trying to figure out who received what version of the contract, and when. In addition, Collabloop's Sync module provides seamless integration and syncing for easy and secure sharing of 3rd party repositories like Office 365, One Drive, Box, Dropbox etc.

Engaging client extranets

Collabloop enables you to set up knowledge sharing sites quickly to exchange files and other sensitive information with colleagues, clients and partners outside of your network. Stop relying on email to share sensitive information with people outside of your organisation. Whether for litigation, arbitration, and mediation , or as a law firm's client extranet, or for use in M&A due diligence, IP licensing, and other document intensive practice areas, Collabloop allow's you to set up secure sites which can act as deal rooms, data rooms or content sharing locations. Collabloop's team collaboration module increases transparency with teams and helps simplify project management by enabling everyone real time view of the deadlines, content, upcoming project milestones, deadlines, meetings etc.

Co-Authoring & Editing

Save hours of formatting, editing and authoring time. Simultaneous, controlled and secure real time collaboration for review and co-authoring is integral part of CollabLoop. Enabling the review of documents with colleagues and third parties, within a seamless system environment. Immediately understand how long a document review will take. Built-in change management, track changes and comment resolution module enables you to accept or reject changes quickly.

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Secure document sharing, collaboration, review & co-authoring in the cloud.

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