Secure Document Collaboration for Financial Services

Collabloop's solution enables investment banks, private equity, venture capital, asset managers and insurance firms to securely exchange business-critical information with clients, partners and external parties

Bank Level Security

Collabloop encrypts your in-transit data using 256-bit SSL and at-rest using 256-bit AES encryption. A detailed audit trail provides relevant chronological order of activity. Financial institutions require secure solutions and Collabloop's proprietary information sharing module enables secure content sharing anytime, anywhere without compromising security.

File Sharing & Sync

Share files of any type and size, from your computer or the cloud. Send large or sensitive files securely without email size limits restricting you. You can share files inside and outside your company. You always control access. Quickly and securely share large or sensitive files with internal and external users anywhere in the world. Spend your time sealing the deal instead of trying to figure out who received what version of the contract, and when. In addition, Collabloop's Sync module provides seamless integration and syncing for easy and secure sharing of 3rd party repositories like Office 365, One Drive, Box, Dropbox etc.

External collaboration

Collabloop enables you to set up knowledge sharing sites quickly to exchange files and other sensitive information with colleagues, clients and partners outside of your network. Create secure workspaces in seconds to collaborate and share information with clients and partners anywhere. Share confidential documents with investors and collaborate with all deal parties in one secure space. Improve regulatory reporting efficiency by inviting regulators to view reports in a fully permissionable reporting platform.

Co-Authoring & Review

Streamline due diligence by using dynamic review checklists and access full data room management tools including Q&A. Collabloop's document co-authoring and review solution save hours of editing, review and authoring time. Simultaneous, controlled and secure real time collaboration provides a seamless one step document creation and review process. Eliminate fixed fee write-offs by automating the manual processes involved in creating checklists, distributing documents and generating binders. Collabloop's solution enables Due Diligence for Loan Portfolio Sales or Other Asset Sales, M&A Due Diligence, Board & Investor Communications and Secure Document Exchange for Commercial Projects.

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Secure document sharing, collaboration, review & co-authoring in the cloud.

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