Document Collaboration
with sharing, review & co-authoring.

Collabloop enables internal and external collaboration, secure file sharing, document co-authoring, reviews, project management, content marketing and publishing for businesses.

Whether your organization is in software engineering or manufacturing or design & development. Collabloop's solutions enables your users to work in collaborative environment and provides rich application integrations, and continuous data visibility to put the power of scale into your hands. Most of the leading enterprise collaboration platforms have mobile clients as well as social networking features. But, most of the platforms do not provide a full document collaboration experience and result is enterprises have to look at seperate solutions for these. Collabloop provdies document management, secure document sharing, document co-authoring & review, team management, project management, event tracking, secure virtual data rooms and option of private or public cloud hosting - all in one platform.

The complexity of product development and ever changing requirements makes it important that your team uses the right tools to get their work done quickly & efficiently. Whether you work in Software development, Medical Devices, Manufacturing or in any other enterprise, document collaboration, sharing, review and authoring is integral part of your process.

Collabloop provides a solution that combines the benefits of advanced review & co-authoring with document collaboration, sharing & team management all on one place with secure & detailed audit trails to meet compliance requirements.

Create Engaging Content Experiences

Don't let platforms and technology slow your team down. Increase transparency in team collaboration and simplify project management by giving everyone in the team visibility of upcoming project milestones, deadlines, meetings with sophisticated calendaring tools. Perfect for project management, the tasks module helps you keep yourself organised and boost your team’s efficiency.

Controlled Collaborative Review Environment

Collabloop's Collaborative Review functionality allows for multiple reviewers (internal and external) to collaborate on a document in parallel, ensuring a faster, more complete review of the content. Save hours of formatting, editing and authoring time. No manual checking to identify the changes. Collabloop provides a secure, structured and controlled review environment - which does not require any external tools and works right within your browser. No need to download any documents. Collabloop enables everyone to collaboratively work on same copy of document with track changes and helps improve document quality. Not only it helps reduce the document review cycles, but also keeps tab on document versions. Reviewers with specific permisssions can accept or reject the changes and review module can generate comment resolution and change resolution reports automatically.

Secure & Easy Document Sharing

Share files of any type and size, from your computer or the cloud. Send large or sensitive files securely without email size limits restricting you. You can share files inside and outside your company. You always control access. Access your content and files from anywhere. Documents & data is accessible from your phone or laptop and you get automated notifications & reminders and enables you to focus on your work, rather than managing timelines

Bank Level Security

Collabloop encrypts your in-transit data using 256-bit SSL and at-rest using 256-bit AES encryption. A detailed audit trail provides relevant chronological order of activity. Financial institutions require secure solutions and Collabloop's proprietary information sharing module enables secure content sharing anytime, anywhere without compromising security.

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Secure document sharing, collaboration, review & co-authoring in the cloud.

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