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Collabloop Document Sharing allows you to organize and view all of your documents and content in an online file and folder structure. One can easily share content with others with a unique url to document and can upload documents of any sizes. Collabloop offers the ability to share more than 300 file types. Collabloop  allows you to decide who can read and access your files and who can edit them. You're always in control of your data and can change user permissions any time you want. No need to send email attachments. Using Collabloop document sharing solution one can easily send secure links to the files instead of email attachments.

The documents you need to work on with colleagues and teams will be available instantly and securely right from your browser. Document Sharing solution also allows easy document preview, annotations and secure downloading.

Collabloop means no servers to maintain, no software's to install and access to documents and files from anywhere in world. Online document sharing is the safest way to share documents and vital information. Collabloop interface offers built in document collaboration features, project management document management enabling you to store, access, organize, and share your files through one central location.

Using Collabloop document sharing solution one can easily communicate, share, access, edit documents on the fly and even collaborate with others through online discussion forums. Collabloop also offers an access control system which allow sharing documents using Groups and ACLs(Access Control Lists).

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