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Collabloop's online document management solution helps you manage the access, versioning, search, retrieval & storage of documents with ease and streamlines the complete document management processes. You can store and organize documents online and access them where ever you are. Dealing with corporate documents and information can be one of the most challenging aspects. Collabloop's online document management allows document sharing, document collaboration, online project management & complete online task management.

Collabloop Document Management solution streamlines your business processes to drive growth, reduce costs and give you a sustainable competitive advantage. It offers complete solution for managing incoming documents, digitizing, indexing, and routing their information to electronic document management and storage services.  The result: Departments across the organization have faster access to one source of information. This enables faster customer response times from application processing through customer inquires. With Collabloop's document management solution, you’ll no longer spend time managing disparate inbound electronic and mailroom processes across divisions within your organization.

Collabloop's document management contains a complete administration control section where users can control the application and administer the software with no IT skills at all. In today's world, users & employees are spread over several locations and need for a system to store documents online faster and easily becomes more important. Collabloop document management comes with a drag and drop functionality for documents and is integrated with a complete approval and review workflow system. Also included are features like version control, audit trails, commenting, notifications and secure document sharing.

Whether you are simply sharing documents, managing complex projects or doing time tracking, Collabloop document management offers complete collaboration suite for complete
document review and authoring solution for documents. Reviewing and co-authoring documents within your department, across the enterprise (inside or outside the firewall) or with the customers, partners and suppliers becomes easy and lesser time consuming.


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Secure document sharing, collaboration, review & co-authoring in the cloud.

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