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Spend less time chasing emails

Spend your time working on the deal instead of trying to figure out who received what version of the contract, and when. A successful deal starts with a good contract, one that reflects the needs of the particular deal and fairly and reasonably allocates risks and rewards among the parties. A typical contract negotiation requires creating a template and then inputs from several departments or users. The document needs to be reviewed internally and externally and multiple parties are involved in this process. This means emailing of document to and fro between the users and several conference calls, resulting in multiple versions of the document and several email correspondences.
Collabloop takes care of this process and makes it simple. You spend more time working on document and less time chasing others or the document itself. Collabloop allows multiple people to work securely on the document at the same time - whether editing the content or reviewing. Collabloop's built-in version and track changes modules keeps track of all changes and comments and shows you what was changed by whom and when.

Work together, collaborate and get it done

Not every document goes through the same process. Collabloop enables you to co-author the document with others, set up permissions and even start sub-reveiws. You can enable users to work on different sections/paragraphs of the document and gain significant time and cost efficiencies. Uers can be in different timezones and in different organizations. Collabloop enables employee collaboration while eliminating the duplication of effort.

Work on your existing documents

Start from your existing templates or upload an existing contract and start from there. You can upload any word document and start co-authoring or review in a controlled environment. The track changes are backwards compatible with Microsoft Word, so you are not completing the document finally once it reaches an agreement stage. Collabloop allows multiple co-authors to collaboratively and simultaneously author and review an existing document.

Accept or reject the changes

During the document production process or during review, you might end up getting a lot of comments and changes from different users. Collabloop's document and merge module does intelligent changes merging and allows you to accept/reject the changes. You can also enable comment resolution module to keep track of comments and mark them as complete once they reach a resolution stage.

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