Real time collaboration with document sharing, review & co-authoring.

Collabloop Collaboration Suite's advanced web application is built on open standards and technologies to deliver unparalleled per-user scalability and lower overall total cost-of-ownership(TCO). It also offers more options than any other platform to meet the array of application deployment strategies, including on-premises or hosted email, all of which can be cloud and virtualization infrastructure.

Collabloop Collaboration Suite is a professional document collaboration, document sharing and online project management solution. Businesses use Collabloop to securely collaborate over the Internet and do secure file sharing. Collabloop provides simple access to your files, from anywhere, at any time. The Collabloop Collaboration suite is 100% internet based solution and requires no downloads or installations on clients side or even on servers. There are no hardware's to set up, no software's to install and no servers to manage.

Whether you are simply sharing documents, managing complex projects or doing time tracking, Collabloop collaboration suite comes with a complete collaborative review and authoring solution for documents. Whether you review or co-author documents within your department, across the enterprise (inside or outside the firewall) or with your customers, partners and suppliers, Collabloop will make the document creation process less painful, more efficient and significantly reduce the time and effort involved.

Using the built in workspaces, Collabloop allows easy creation of discussion forums, centralized collaboration workspaces and self commenting system.


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Secure document sharing, collaboration, review & co-authoring in the cloud.

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